Saturday, August 10, 2013

Gear Review: Dry+Goods Powder Spray

**Disclaimer - I have been asked by the guys at Dry+Goods to write a product review for them in exchange for products and getting their name out there to expand the brand. However, this review will be unbiased and truthful in both the positives and negatives and I stick by (but I don't stick to!) everything that I write.

I am a sweater. It really doesn't matter what I am doing, I will sweat while doing it. One of the biggest problems I had about semi-living in Astoria with SJ was the fact that I would basically have to bring a change of clothes with me wherever I went because the walk to the subway made me sweat, then waiting for the subway made me sweat, then being on the subway made me sweat, then the walk to wherever we were going made me sweat. It was a wonder I didn't pass out from dehydration almost daily. I can't imagine what my commute would be like if I actually worked in the city - just thinking about all that sweating is making me sweat right now.

Obviously, seeing as how I lose copious amounts of fluid from my pores at a rate that would make even football players in August (hello preseason NFL games!) cringe, this does wonders for my sex life training. It's hard enough getting through a long run or bike ride without also considering the inner-thigh chub rub, groinal area chaffing, blisters on my feet, boob sweat (of which I actually can't relate since I am still waiting for mine to develop but hear that it is awful) and any number of other moisture related problems that can occur.

TA-DA! Enter: Dry+Goods.

I received a free can of the stuff in my swag bag for Ragnar Cape Cod last May and instantly fell in love with the catchy name. Who doesn't like a little humor when relating to both moisture and your nether-regions? Then I used it and instantly became hooked. I was like a crack fiend, stealing cans from the other people in my van so that I could take home as much as I could. I had never heard of it before, but having used a ridiculous amount of various other products to combat said moisture issues, I knew the (dry) goods when I saw the (dry) goods. Or, in this case, used the goods.

For training purposes, Dry+Goods is great for just about every event in a triathlon. When I open-water swim, I use it around the parts of my wetsuit that cause the most chafing (neck and around the arms) and because it's a spray on, I don't have to worry about missing some small section and then feeling it halfway through a swim. I still use a little Body Glide before spraying it on, which makes the powder attach even better and 9 times out of 10 I am chafe-free. It's also great for getting your wetsuit off for a fast transition out of the water - much better than using Pam and far less sticky and oily.

For running, it is good for pretty much anywhere that you can imagine - and I mean that literally. Be creative. Use it under your arms. Use it on your thighs. Use it on your feet to combat blisters on long runs. If you have a problem area, use it there. If I was Dr. Seuss, I'm sure I could come up with quite the catchy book to write about all the places you could use it (I will use Dry+Goods from a can, I will use Dry+Goods, and not Pam, I will use it in my socks, You can use it on your - well, you get the point). I used it when we raced Ragnar Florida Keys and even in the warm climate was good to go.

I use the product most heavily on bike rides, especially when I am doing a brick workout. I used to use Desitin (yes, the diaper rash cream) but found that it was both super gooey and left residual schmutz in my biking and racing kit. But since it's a powder spray, Dry+Goods is pretty much mess free; just find a nice secluded area, pull your pants down, hold the can about 6-8 inches away from you body and spray (that's what she said!). It goes on cold, so you're in for quite the shock, but dries pretty much instantly into a fine powder not unlike baby powder, but without getting excess powder everywhere so it looks like you have a bad case of dandruff. While I have yet to find a cream or powder that prevents saddle-sores completely, Dry+Goods does help keep the saddle area much drier than any other product, which eliminates 95% of the problem. Without getting too graphic, less moisture = less chafe. You get the point.

It's also great for day-to-day use on those super-sticky, high-humidity days in the middle of the summer that we seem to be getting more and more frequently up here in the New York area. Spray them in your shoes or on your feet before going to work to keep your feet dry or spray some on your inner thighs before wearing a dress and you'll be chub-rub free the whole day!

The only downfall I have found so far is that, much like a spray-on sunscreen, there can be a lot of product lost to wind or spraying too much on at one time or just simply not hitting the correct area and having to spray again. However, as far as the actual product itself, it got me through the last heat wave of a few weeks ago with zero chafing and blister-free, so I have no complaints.

If this awesome product is something that you want to buy, click the link below and it will take you directly to their website. Type in the code: iknowkaitlyn and you can get a 10% discount on any purchase! I highly recommend it for not just athletes, but anyone who lives in an area where sweating is the norm, not the exception.

Click here to buy some Dry+Goods and keep your goods dry!

Happy training and stay dry out there, kids.

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